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Fijian Giant signs to Manly

Posted by Sandow on November 26, 2010 at 7:44 AM Comments comments (0)

Fijian Giant Ashley Kemp has signed a three year deal for $250,000 a year with Manly. He is 202 cm and 127 kilos. 18 year old Kemp has already represented Fiji this year. Kemp played for a junior Fiji side this year. He scored 5 tries in one game 3 times. Manly said "Kemp would be a good buy he is a solid player and thats what we need in our side."


Kemp is looking at playing for the Manly under 20's and Sunshine Coast side to.


Civonoceva and Elliot tell Puletua to go with his heart not head.

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The Broncos and Panthers are the only two clubs still in the running for Puletua. The Broncos have offered him another $150,000 on to his $300,000 but Penrith still look highly likely to re-sign the front rower for 2011.


Ex Bronco Petero Civonoceva recently told Puletua to go with his heart not head and sign to someone he knows he feels more comfortable with. Penrith coach Matthew Elliot also siad to go with his heart over his head because it would be the biggest decision of his career.


Penrith have been questioned about salary cap but they said they can afford to re-sign pritchard for 2011 and 2012. The Broncos will easily fit him in to their team with only a $450,000 offer, if he accepts.


Ivan Henjak and him have been said to be really close both inside and outside of the Broncos HQ but neither of them have commented on that statement as yet.


If Puletua signs back up with Elliot the Broncos will look at Brad Morrin (Bulldogs) to replace him and also Centre Tim Girt from Les Catalans who is also offcontract next year.


Girt is said to be a replacement for Greg Inglis, he has only played 7 first grade games for Les Catalans and is only 18 years old. In his 7 games he scored a total of 5 tries and the Broncos seemed to be pretty impressed.


Girt was born in Tonga and played his first, first grade game in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He is eligible to play for New Zealand, Tonga and England.


Written by Scott Western (From the Daily Telegraph)

Puletua close with Henjak.

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Frank Puletua is getting close to signing a two year contract with the Broncos. Him and Henjak have been talking since Inglis walked out to South Sydney. The Broncos have negotiated with him now for nearly two weeks when Inglis looked like leaving and now they have offered him a $300,000 contract for 2 years.

Brad Morrin is also in negotiations but not as close as Puletua is. Broncos looking at Tony Puletua as well if they sign Frank.

Jason Harakura leaves Fiji for Australia.

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18 Year old Jason Harakura has been released from his fijian team the Romplers and is off to the Gold Coast for 2 years. He played his first international test game with Fiji at the start of the year.


He scored a grand total of 44 tries this year for the Fijian Squad (Romplers) and also kicked 22 goals.


Harakura's brother Marc (24) is set to find another NRL club after being sacked by Catalans for public indecency. Some say Marc is better then Jason as well.


South Sydney have denied rumours that they will attempt to scoop him up and are still trying for the Burgess brothers.


Written by Brandon Williams